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    Lead Borate
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    Common name: lead borate, chemical formula: PbB2•H2O, relative molecular weight: 310.83.
    Physical and Chemical Properties
    Lead borate easily loses one molecule water in solutions and converts into more stable lead metaborate monohydrate. It is needle-like crystals that are not bunched. At room temperature, lead borate is virtually insoluble in water and alcohol, but soluble in dilute nitric acid or boiling acetic acid. It can be decomposed by sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and boiling potassium hydroxide. At 20℃, its relative density is 4.9. When heated to 160℃, it loses crystal water and the relative density of the anhydrous substance is 5.598.
    Lead borate is toxic. LD50 of PbB2·H2O=10mg/kg.
    Used in lead glass manufacturing, fire protection, paint drier, welding machine and enamel industries, etc.
    Enterprise Standards of Lead Borate


    Borax method

    Borate method

    Lead borate (in Pb)/%




    Oil absorption/%

    Dry experiment/min




    Close to standard samples



    Close to standard samples in less than 3 min








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