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    Production of High-purity Ferric Oxide with Ferric
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    I. Product Introduction

    Ferric oxide has chemical formula Fe2O3, and relative molecular mass 159.69. The appearance is red powder, having high magnetic conductivity. High-purity soft magnetic ferric oxide is mainly used in manufacturing soft magnetic ferrite, and applied in space flight and aviation, microwave, carrier wave, automobile electrical parts, medical equipment, national defence engineering and other fields. With constant expansion of application fields, demand of Chinese market for high-purity ferric oxide has increased by 15% on average in recent several years. Domestic market gap in 2009 was 31,000t. The market prospect is broad.

    II. Production Process

    This process takes titanium dioxide by-product ferrous sulfate or ferrous sulfate solution as raw material, produces precursor of high-purity ferric oxide through dissolving, purification, precipitated, dehydrating and washing, then produce high-purity ferric oxide product through dissolving, purification, precipitated, dehydrating and washing.

    III. Process Features

    The produced high-purity ferric oxide produced with this process can be used as raw material of soft magnetic ferrite, hard magnetic ferrite and other industries, which is featured by high product purity, good quality, simple process, little investment and low cost, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to invest and develop.

    IV. Equipment Investment

    According to annual production of 1,500t high-purity ferric oxide, the equipment investment is about 3.5 million Yuan.

    V. Evaluation of Economic Benefits

    Factory price of high-purity ferric oxide product is 8,000-12,000 Yuan/t, production cost is 3,450 Yuan/t, and the economic benefits are significant.

    VI. Technical Form of Cooperation and Scope

    Technical transfer. Taking responsibility for process flow design, supporting equipment of standard equipment, non-standard equipment manufacture design, equipment is plane layout design, equipment installation design, pipe network design, equipment installation guidance, equipment commissioning, production commissioning, training for production engineers, analysis staff and technicians, process operation specifications, raw material and product analysis method, and preparation of intermediate control analysis method; ensuring output, yield and quality to reach the standard; and undertaking turn-key projects.


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